today, begin with survey in Dusun Pucanganom B and pucanganom B. last time i went to Pucanganom there's no special things, just karts and issues of waste and dryness. But, during the beginning of rainy season, the way to get Dusun Pucanganom so beautiful, the field so green and more dramatic view landscape. Even Gunung Kidul very well known with infertile land, but today I saw everybody happily go to farmland. 
Arrived to Pucanganom B, I walked around to saw another “potential” problem beside waste issue. Otherwise, Pucanganom people have already electricity for their daily live needs. They used it for lamp, TV, and other thing. They also has been able to got news, report, or daily information from television, even in virtual any people do not read newspaper. 
 After that, I go to public hall of Pucanganom B, and I am glad to know the poster I give to them still hanging in the wall. The poster which explain about waste issue, about how to make good septic tank, how to make water sand filter, and how to make a good compos with bacteria. What a nice moment. And than I did interview with some people to know about water situation here after I leave this village. The result is there no water almost 2 months. Ya, I know it, why so hard to get water this few weeks, because of the water pump in Sindon does not working in this few day, there is maintenance in modul number 2, and there is plan to change a valve (ASK) so the water level generate from 12,0 (roughly) to 3,0 (roughly). So in this situation, the pump doesn’t work properly, both of Germany pump (modul) or PDAM pump. Im so sorry to hear that Pucanganom people does not get any water for daily activity. 
Continue for next trip. I have plan to chose other road to go back to Wonosari. But I need some drink water. So I goes to Supermarket and buy some water. Without plan, I went to Sadeng Beach. The way to get Sadeng Beach so hard, zig zag street, up and down through the hills, otherwise, the view very nice. So much green tree, ya, because in dry season you will not get some tree without leaves.
At last, I reach the beach, but for me, that is not a beach, but a harbor, so much boat, and fish aroma. I go to in the corner of the Sadeng Beach. I meet some people there. They are so kind and said welcome to me. And I want to make a little interview with them. in this case, bribin water system network does not reach this area, because this area so far away about 80 minutes from bribin area. But, people in Kecamatan Girisubo made well beside their house. Other side, there is drill well. Based on the research in few years ago, this drill well can cover water needs of Kecamatan Girisubo people until 25 years later. Drill weel in Girisubo cover 13 dusun in Kelurahan Songbanyu, from the well, water transfer to Reservoir, and go to receptacle, finish at Songbanyu people’s house.
And how much money they spend to buy water if water doesn’t exist in dry season. People will spend money to buy 5000 liters water as much as IDR 120.000, and they will used it in 2-3 weeks. Is there another way to get water? Yes, they are. They will buy water IDR 250 per 5 liters or IDR 8.500 per meter cubic, but in this way not all people can reach the benefit. To get 1 m3 people must rent 200 m thin pipe as much as IDR 10.000, otherwise the water flows unstable. But let me show you another side, if they want to get water through this way, they must checked in list on water provider enterprise, and wait for one week or more. So, this method is piddle at all. People also said that the water they get was so dirty. They get the water full of oil beside the lime water, if they boiled the water, they can see clearly the oil move on top and the lime move down.
And at last, I go back to Wonosari. And not on purpose that I saw the pipe all along the way I drive. So much damage pipe I found, so much stolen part, and so much pipe that can’t use well anymore. How it can be. Every years the government spend so much money to maintenance the infrastructure, but why we can see clearly so much damage things. I just wish the best things for all of us.
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On Tuesday, January 10, 2012 5:59:00 PM , Nahdhi said...

Orang sedimentografi pun akan mengatakan selama derajat keasaman air masih tinggi, akan semakin banyak celah bagi air untuk tetap berada di bawah permukaan. Dapat dipahami karena limestones itu reaktif terhadap cairan asam, membentuk lubang-lubang ke dalam meningkatkan porositas dan permeabilitasnya. Begitu yang terjadi di pegunungan seribu selama ribuan tahun.